FIFI Needs to Use Instant Replays

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 Major blunders by referees have knocked countries out the 2014 World Cup
How absurd is that???.


  • Should there be instant replay in soccer?
    • Yes, on all questionable calls
    • Yes, but only on goal decisions
    • No
The entire world watched as the “human factor” cost a major European nation a chance in the round of 16 and sent them home. A penalty shot was awarded The only two people in the world who didn’t know were the referee and his assistant in that half of the field.

There have been more than one major blunder in this year's World Cup.
Give a manager two challenges per game. Takes 2 minutes to review a call. 

Get with it FIFA!
People look forward to the games every four years. It's sad, that after all the effort and money to make it to the World Cup, a human error, which can be quickly and easily corrected, causes a team a chance to advance.

I must admit I enjoy watching instant replays of challenged calls in sports like tennis, baseball, hockey and football.
Take the poll below:

Should FIFA allow Instant Replay?


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